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Geomonitoring and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Fernsehturm Stuttgart

After a successful testperiod, the R & D project 'Geomonitoring Stuttgarter Fernsehturm' started in 2017 in the con­sortium of the HS Karlsruhe Laboratory for GNSS & Navigation, the engineering geodesy enterprise Messmer, the SWR B.W., the B.W. State Agency for Geoinformation & Landmamagement (LGL) B.W. and the B.W. IT service provider LF.NET. As a combined modeling of integrated 3D network ad­just­ment and finite element models of structural mechanics (FEM) the respectivy RaD deals with the question and forthcoming research topic, whether a monitoring-object is in a 'healthy' or an 'unhealthy‘ physical state. This inter­dis­ciplinary research topic, titled "Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)", aims at an early diagnostics and warning concerning the risk potential of structural objects (high buildings, bridges, towers, etc.) as a tasks in the age of global changes. The mul­tisensor-data is submitted to an integrated server-based modeling, and the resulting time-domain and spectral proper­ties are used to determine changes in the physical state parameters of a geomonitoring object. The geo­monitoring soft­ware processes in real time the internet-communicated multisensor data. A smart­phone app serves both, the remote maintenance of the system, and the presentation of the subject matter to the public and visitors of the Stuttgart TV tower, e.g. based on the visualization of generally com­prehensible state variab­les, such as the amplitude response of the tower oscillating in about 0.2 Hz.

Poster with detailed infromation about the project can be downloaded here:

Stuttgart Fernsehturm project

GOCA team on the exhibition of the present developments in HSKA on inauguration of the new rector

Design of the Android App for visualization of movement of Stuttgart TV tower

Independent tests of the new Sokkia iX1001 and Topcon GT-1000 ATR totalstations (TPS)

From September to October 2017 the evaluation of new Sokkia iX-1001 and Topcon GT-1001 total stations was done in the HSKA Laboratory on GNSS and Navigation . As a result of the large-scale tests on indoor and outdoor conditions all attributes on quality and accuracy of both stations could be confirmed. The integration of the above new total stations and the online geomonitoring system GOCA was done in that frame and achieved on a 100% functionality. So, both geomonitoring sensors, Sokkia iX-1001 and Topcon GT-1001 ATR, can be used as GOCA-system components for the geomonitoring of any kind of object.

Conference in Riga

On 8th of February 2018 in a frame of International conference of University of Latvia "Geodinamics & Geospatial research" the laboratory of Navigation & GNSS Technologies has presented two reports with the most actual developments in direction of geomonitoring and navigation tasks. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger gave a report with topic "Geodetic challenges on positioning & navigation for mobile GIS presented along the NAVKA-Disy project PREGON-X". The second report was presented by master student and GOCA project assistant Dipl-Ing. Lyudmila Gorokhova. The topic of the report is "Model- and Sensor-Integration for an Integrated 3D geomonitoring in a modern data communication structure with applications to the Stuttgart TV tower". The participation in a conference has allowed to organize useful experience exchange and find new possibilities for the further cooperation with international colleagues. The laboratory of Navigation and GNSS Technologies expresses its gratitude to the latvian partners for the invitation to participate in such significant and interesting event!

Photos have been provided by the colleagues from University of Latvia and also from the personal archive of laboratory of Navigation

Presentations can be downloaded here:

Geodetic Challenges on Positioning & Navigation for Mobile GIS presented along the NAVKA-Disy Project PREGON-X
Model- and Sensor- Integration for an Integrated 3D Geomonitoring in a Modern Data Communication Structure with Applications to the Stuttgart TV Tower

The Campus day in HSKA on 22nd of November 2017

Master class for students on the University rooftop

On 23rd of June 2017 in a frame of study plan a master class of satellite geodesy for students from University was orginized. The laboratory of navigation and GNSS technologies has the whole process of geomonitoring, based on the example of system using u-blox receivers, presented. The students could get the experience in real work with equipment and see the chain of data processing and results analysis.

The Campus day in HSKA on 13th of May 2017

InterExpo Geo-Siberia 2017

On 19-21 of April laboratory of Navigation and GNSS Technologies again took place in International Exibition InterExpo Geo-Siberia 2017 in Novosibirsk (Russia). This exhibition was the 13th, where following the tradition the online geomonitoring process based on the GOCA system and other actual projects (NAVKA, DFHBF) were represented. In a frame of COST EFFECTIVE POSITIONING AND GEO DATA SEMINAR, organized by FIG, the Laboratory has presented the new project for geomonitoring of TV tower in Stuttgart.

InterExpo Geo-Siberia 2016

2nd International Workshop in Stuttgart

"Geometry & Gravity Space related 3D Integrated Geomonitoring-Feasibility, Advantages and Implementation into the GOCA-System -"

18. International Geodetic Week Obergurgl

Presentation of the new GOCA-Version 5.1

Intergeo 2014

Presentation des GOCA-Systems

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