GOCA - Research Project

The project GOCA (GNSS/LPS/LS-based Online Control and Alarm System) is carried out as a research and development project at the Department of Geodesy and Navigation (Surveying) and at the Institute for applied Research (IAF) of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Science.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ing. R. Jäger, GOCA deals with the application of satellite system (GNSS), LPS (Local Positioning systems, e.g. total stations, levelling instrumentation) and LS (Local Sensors, e.g. inclinometers, preassure sensors) for the online monitoring of movements of the earths surface. Besides the application in the domain of prevention of natural desasters (landslide monitoring, volcano monitoring, earthquake prediction), GOCA is also designed for the online monitoring and alerting in the case of safety-relevant buildings and geotechnical installations such as dams (see figure).
A further field of application for MONIKA is the 3D integrity-monitoring of GNSS reference station networks as e.g. SAPOS.

GOCA provides

The GOCA-System consists of the components: