Building Monitoring with GOCA (GPS-based Online Control and Alarm System) on the Sluice Uelzen I

Sylvia Borchers
Rainer Heer
Geodätisches Institut
Nienburger Str. 1




GOCA was installed at  the sluice Uelzen I for the period from August 21st  till August 23rd  2001 for the purpose of the registration of short periodical deformation processes during an operation period of the sluice. The results of the GOCA analysis were compared to the results of the automatical registering plumb-bob, which is installed in the east tower of the sluice for permanent registration of long and short periodical deformation processes. A qualitative conformity between the results of the movement behaviour is clearly evident.

The location of the "Sluice Uelzen" (left and bottom right)
and the height difference of the sluice (top right)